Who are we?

We're Awesome!

SkyPyre Studios is a group of developers, designers, artists, and friends, with an unquenchable thirst to create unique and entertaining experiences. This comes in the form of video games, animations, short films, and more. We began our journey as a team of students in University, working together project after project, until we became a well oiled machine. At that point, we knew our destiny was as an independent studio, creating high quality original content.


Our mission is to build a library of engaging, entertaining, and exciting original experiences for viewers and players alike. Whether you've come to us to laugh with friends, sit on the edge of your seat, throw your feet up and relax, or learn a thing or two about production, we're glad you came by, and hope you enjoy your stay.

The team

Meet our talented team of creatives!

Nick BUrns

Co-Founder | Studio Head
Level Designer | Voice Director

I have a knack for organization, it gets everywhere. Video games, environment design, personal projects, and writing are my pastimes. I also play the drums and enjoy myself a nice winter sunset.

michael dillabough

Co-Founder | Composer
Sound Designer | Writer

Whether it be through animation, writing, design or music, I love to tell stories. If you don't see me at the computer working on my next piece of music, I'm probably at the theater catching a movie.

david dunkelman

Co-Founder | Art Director
Texture Artist | Programmer

I'm always doodling! And by doodling, I of course mean iterating and improving on old designs! Reading, writing stories, and games take up the rest of the time.

david lee

Co-Founder | Animator
Rigging Artist | Modeler

I'm an artist at heart, be it in the form of a painting, sketch, or sculpture. This stems from the visual nature of my thought process. After which you can find me punching and kicking my troubles away.

mathieu o'brien

Co-Founder | Modeler
UI Designer | Marketing

I love to create. Whether it's drawing, digital painting, or video editing, I'm always making new things. When I'm not there, you can find me at a convention cosplaying as somebody awesome!

andrew smith

Co-Founder | Programmer
Animator | Networking

Video games have been both hobby and passion since I was little. Whether making them or playing them, they have been a large part of my life and I look forward to being able to share that with others.