About The Game

The Blobs Fight is a silly, local multiplayer, arena party game about creatures of blob like nature. Run around as a blob attacking other players to knock pieces of them off, if you collect those pieces, you get bigger. The bigger you are, the more damage you can endure, but the slower you move. Play across a variety of modes from Last Blob Standing, to King of the Hill, on nine maps ranging from a lava covered apocalypse to a laser filled combat arena!

We’ve also introduced Mob Blobs! A PvE mode where players defend their zones against and onslaught of mechanical enemies across 3 new maps.

The controls are simple, but the strategies are complex, making it a great game for any skill level. The Blobs Fight supports up to 8 players locally, with hundreds of costume combinations and lots of settings to customize your gameplay.




Concept Art


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