Patch Notes

Version 1.1.4 - Mob Blobs Update - October 17 2019


  • Mob Blobs PvE gamemode

  • Human nose, anime hair, cat whiskers, old man hair, dinosaur spikes - costume pieces

  • Magma map - for Mob Blobs only

  • Grid map - for Mob Blobs only


  • Camera angle and movement system is now more linear and less prone to jittering

  • Blobs are now lit consistently for clarity

  • Improved King of the Hill zone particles

  • Improved taunt particles

  • Menu now loops for easier navigation

  • Deathmatch can now have score to win set to 1

  • Player movement speed can now go as low as 30%

  • Reduced cooldown for taunts


  • French descriptions are no longer pulling English text

  • Difficulty now remains the same when a match ends

  • Leader that dies no longer keeps the crown UI over their head

  • Flickering black planes have been removed from maps with long distance backgrounds

  • No longer displays 0 at the end of the count down

Version 1.1.3 - Bull Update - February 22 2019


  • Added new textures and lighting for Bull map

  • Costumes from Winter Update remain

  • Added respawn timer for game modes where respawning is present

  • Winter maps have reverted to their normal designs

Version 1.1.2 - Winter Update - December 21 2018


  • Added new costumes pieces

  • Added moonbase models to Moon

  • New asteroid model

  • Added limited time Winter Castle and Santa’s Factory maps


  • Camera position on Skate adjusted

Version 1.1.1 - Skate Update - November 6 2018


  • Added Camera shake when blobs are injured

  • Completely new Skate map

  • Added new “Taunt” action

  • Added new Randomize Costume button in the costume selection screen

  • Added D-Pad navigation to costume menu

  • Minor changes to the King of the Hill areas.


  • Menu text and buttons have been improved to be higher res and more consistent

  • Reduced highlight on the maps icons to make them more visible while selected

Version 1.1.0 - September 16 2018


  • Button icons in the customization menu are replaced by icons depicting their controller location

  • Added readying and leaving prompts in customization menu

  • Last 10 seconds of each game initiates a flashing animation on the timer

  • “Next” button changed to “Maps” button

  • Lower cooldown for Defend, now equal to Dash cooldown

  • Larger area of effect for Slam

  • Defend Particle reworked and now accurately depicts area of effect

  • New Menu Transitions

  • Added new sound effect for switching between menus

  • Correct button is selected when returning to Home menu from other menus, and when returning to Rules menu from Player Values menu.

  • Added D-Pad navigation to menus

  • Return to Maps menu when leaving a match or the costume menu

  • A slam is now required to activate the trapdoor buttons on the Castle map

  • Options that are irrelevant to the current game mode will be red and unselectable

  • Sewer map now has a background and updated collision


  • Bits will more reliably move into a blob instead of flying past them

  • Modified background geometry in the Lava map

Version 1.0.3 - August 15 2018


  • Added visual charge cue for zappy floor on Bull

  • Changed the death particles to be more visible and appealing

  • Blob graphics on main menu will no longer be the same colour

  • Reduced volume of Skypyre intro

  • Player UI arrow height changes based on blob size

  • Logo translated to French

  • Blob score icon removed on death in Deathmatch and Last Blob Standing Free-For-All

  • Added colliders to Sewer

  • Deadzones increased on left stick in Blob costume menu to avoid changing costumes when attempting to change menu item

  • Adjusted hitboxes of Cannonball and Asteroid Particles

  • Modified Asteroid explosion effect to have more substance

  • Changed the “back” button on maps page and player values page to “rules”

  • Audio sliders now adjust volume linearly instead of on a logarithmic curve

  • Updated Hit particle

  • Removed Border of player icons on score track

  • Reduced Laser map by 30%

  • Added “A to join” in customization menu


  • Fixed a collision issue on the back wall of Bull

  • Fixed blobs spawning facing backwards on Jail

  • Blobs will respawn more reliably when glitching out of a map

  • Fixed the “reset to defaults” button in “player values” page in French

  • Fixed a bug with Slam and Defend. Both should now be more reliable.

Version 1.0.0 - June 21 2018

Launch version of the game, ready to play!