impact vid.jpg

Impact Public Affairs

Promotional Video Production

Impact was looking to create a promotional video outlining their team and experience. 

We were in charge of lighting and framing. A total of six people were filmed talking about their experiences and backgrounds. We later edited and produced the video with adjustments and motion graphics.


Breakfall | Pizza Titan Ultra

Game Ready 3d modeling

The game allows the player to customize the various body parts and colors on the titan to their liking, and the four titan 'outfits' presented here were created by us.

We were provided concept art and reference images of the desired look for the outfit, and translated their ideas into game ready, rigable meshes, complete with texture maps.




Arrowonics was looking for an improved method to plan their drone shows. They needed an intuitive way to plan movements and light colour changes over time for their drone fleet as well as other more specialized features. 

To provide a quicker solution than creating an entirely new piece of software, we augmented the Unity editor with more functionality and code systems to allow quick setup and testing to ensure planned movements conformed to real life constraints.