User Testing

Want to do some testing for us? Awesome! Here is the necessary information about testing for us, and of course feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we'd be glad to answer. We rely on you to make sure our game is going down the right path, we owe you our thanks.

in-house testing

If you want to do in-house testing for us there are a few more steps to the process, but it is incredibly valuable to us to have testers come in and play the game. This way we can talk about your experience, you can ask us questions, and most of all, we can much better evaluate the quality of the game. So if you want to test with us, please contact us via email, Twitter, or Facebook, so we can arrange a time for you. As well, we're located in Ottawa, Canada, and unfortunately we'll only be able to accept local volunteers.

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Online testing

If you are only interested in testing the game online, it's super simple. Just download the alpha build, and after you've played through it a few times, simply fill out the survey linked at the end of the game, or from the main menu. That's all! While not as much information as we'd get from in-house testing, it is still important for us.