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Armored Tussle

Where can I get Armored Tussle?

Armored Tussle will be available on Steam for Windows PC.

When is Armored Tussle releasing?

When it is polished and ready! Stay tuned for a release date.

Will there be multiplayer?

No. There is currently no plan to add multiplayer support to Armored Tussle.

How do I unlock the paint jobs for the Tomcat?

You have to complete achievements to unlock them. Achievements are found in the [ More ] menu from the main menu.

One operation was way harder than the last, was that a bug?

Missions and operations are generated with a degree of randomization, based on the settings you start them with. It's entirely possible that the harder operation just happened to be harder based on luck. You never know what the next mission might bring, so stay on your toes!

The missions are really short, can they be made longer?

You can increase the length of the operation but not the missions themselves, since the core philosophy behind missions in Armored Tussle is that they can be done in just a few minutes while you wait for something. I wanted the game to have that short, replayable feeling.

I found a bug, now what?

Please let us know by submitting a bug report from the platform you bought the game on, or in our Discord server. If we can, we will try and patch the bug with an update.

How can I make a suggestion for the game?

We’re glad you asked! Check out the game's steam community page, or our discord community and post you suggestions there! We’re constantly on the lookout for ideas, so by all means please share!

What controllers are supported on PC?

It currently supports the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Playstation 4 controllers on Windows PC. Other controllers may work, but we can’t guarantee full functionality.

Can I make videos about Armored Tussle?

Absolutely! We have no restriction on video or streamed content regarding the game, but we’d love to see it, so tag us in it!

The game runs really slow, what can I do to improve my framerate? (PC)

While a number of factors contribute to the game’s performance on your computer, there are some powerful options you can use to make it run smoother.

The first setting to try is Screen Percentage. Lowering this will make it so the game runs at a lower resolution but keeps the window the same size.

The next setting to try is going to Quality settings, and turning down the Ambient Occlusion setting. This is a great looking, but intensive visual effect that can impact performance.

Finally, playing with things like Effects Quality and Shadow Quality will grant additional performance. You can adjust them individually or you can turn all of them down using the Quality Preset drop down.

Is there DLC?

At this time we are focusing on releasing Armored Tussle first, in a polished, finished state, and supporting that base game release for the near future. We may consider DLC down the line but none is a priority right now.

I have a question that's not here...

Please contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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