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Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter


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Armored Tussle is a roguelike twin-stick shooter where you control drivers of the elite tomcat battle tank through a series of procedurally generated missions behind enemy lines, completing objectives, collecting upgrades and defeating any enemies that stand in your way.

You have to complete enough mission objectives to win the operation, but to complete a mission you have to successfully evacuate the map. Failing to do so means you lose that driver and all their tank’s upgrades, and any completed objectives on that mission. Do you take what you’ve got and get out, or try and press your advantage?

Each mission, the enemy resistance grows stronger, but you and your drivers will be up to the task, because you’re the best of the best. You might be behind enemy lines, but they’re trapped down there with you.

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Replayable Dynamic Missions

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Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

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Unlockable Paint Jobs

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Earnable Achievements

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Data Codex & Player Stats

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Operations information user interface


An operation is a campaign of individual missions. To win, you have to complete a minimum number of objectives. You will fail the operation if you lose too many objectives such that you can’t meet the minimum anymore, or if you lose all your drivers.


To win a mission you must complete the minimum number of objectives within and successfully evacuate your driver. You fail a mission by not completing enough objectives, not evacuating the mission in time, or getting your driver killed.

:// Accessing directory briefing for: T-112 "Tomcat" Multi-Function Main Battle Tank


You, the Lieutenant, command your driver and their tank through the map, using the main cannon and coaxial machine gun as your weapons.


Each can be improved with permanent upgrades found in the level, which carry from mission to mission as long as the tank is still alive.


Bolster the tomcat with addons, limited use powers that grant additional tactical abilities, such as a rocket launcher barrage, active defense shield, or deploying a barrier for protection.

The player's tank

[ ! ] Threat assessment:


When you hit the ground, there is a roster of enemy units that might be deployed in the map. From tanks to troopers, all of them have unique attacks, and must be handled properly to avoid taking too much damage. As the operation progresses, the enemy will deploy stronger, more seasoned units to fight you, making even the weakest enemies a challenge later in the game.

Armored Tussle enemy roster including infantry and armored vehicles.

:// User Generated Content directory


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Armored Tussle also ships with a small python app called Tussle Tiler! It allows you to draw your own mission maps and load them in game. You can also download other player’s maps (which are saved as .CSV files) and load them in your game as well.

Information on how to use Tussle Tiler, and where to put files can be found here.

Screenshot of the Tussle Tiler program.

Accessing Secure directory:

"Behind the Scenes Content"

Access ID: ******************




If you're interested in learning more about the development of Armored Tussle, you can check out this devlog introducing the game!


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If you require support for the game, please post on the Steam Community forums or email us at and we will get back to you there.

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