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Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief

Where can I download Halen?

Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is currently available on Game Jolt and for Windows PC.

Is Halen on Steam?

No, we made the decision considering the game is single player, entirely free, and built under the rules of capstone project development, that we would not make the investment to get it uploaded and approved on Steam.

That being said, the game is relatively small, so downloading it directly from or Game Jolt is very easy! We have direct links here on the Halen web page. 

How much is the game?

Halen is entirely free actually! But if you wanted to throw us some change for our time working on it, by all means donate upon download.

Why is my anti-virus blocking the game?

Our game is build on the Unity engine, which appears to conflict with Cylance and McAfee-GW-Edition. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to resolve the issue, but feel confident in allowing your anti-virus to run the program.

How can I make a suggestion for Halen?

We’re glad you asked! Check out our discord community and post you suggestions there! We’re constantly on the lookout for ideas, so by all means please share!

That being said, this game is no longer in development, so we won’t be making any new changes to it – but your feedback still helps us make our next projects better.

What controllers are supported on PC?

Halen currently supports the Xbox One controllers on Windows 10. Other controllers may work, but we cannot guarantee a seamless experience.

Can I make videos about the game?

Absolutely! We have no restriction on video or streamed content regarding Halen, but we’d love to see it, so tag us in it!

I have a question that's not here...

Please contact us, we’d be happy to help!

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