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Want to make cool stuff on the side?

Join SkyPyre


How SkyPyre Works

SkyPyre is not your typical company. In fact, we'd go so far as to say we're not much of a company in the first place!

We operate more as a collective of individual creatives, who lead solo and small team projects, but collaborate and learn from one another all the time.

The other quirk about SkyPyre, is our structure. Which is completely flat when it comes to creative work. Each team member is doing this because it grants them an outlet of creativity.  That means everyone at SP, even the founders, are unpaid and voluntarily contributing their time.

While we do aim to make a little money to keep the studio alive and kicking, the goal for us is not mass appeal. We strive to bring to life the projects we believe in, and that we ourselves want to see. For some who hold down a day job for stability, that structure is enough. For others, we offer a creative stepping stone - to put your name on a project or two before moving to the next step in your career.

So if you think SkyPyre is the right home for you to grow and practice your craft, we'd love to hear from you.


What We Look For


A willingness to work around diverse schedules and timelines, and help with other projects.


A fire in your heart for creativity, and the drive to make your project the best it can be.


A desire to push boundaries, try new things, and explore new worlds together.

Why Join?


Join a team of varied and experienced designers, developers, composers and artists. We believe in sharing knowledge, and helping everyone on the team get stronger in both existing and new crafts.


With a brand, comes the ability to put the work into marketing our projects. At your discretion, you get to make use of our marketing resources, including social media accounts, connections, and video


As a formal corporation, we are registered to be able to distribute different types of content on a variety of platforms, and have access to a number of creative tools.


We try and foster a strong sense of community on the team. Both between each other, and with our outward community. A home for creatives looking to make and share awesome work!

No openings at this time

We currently have no openings or opportunities on the team. Openings might arrive when projects get closer to completion and need additional skills to cross the finish line, or a gap in knowledge is found on the team we need to fill. You may still apply broadly, and we do add talent to a short list for consideration down the line, but we can't reply to every application unfortunately.


Submit Application

Interested in diving in and exploring creative design and development with us? 

Thanks for applying! If we think there is an opening that fits your skills, we'll reach out.

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