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Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief is a single player, third person action platformer, where the player uses combat and agility to navigate the environment, fight enemies, and find secrets, while trying to escape the dangerous temple.

The game started as our team's fourth year university project, but after working on it for so long, we knew we had to release it. We began working on the game in March of 2016, and finished it in April 2017. Our goal was to create a polished game experience that abides by industry standards, and is accessible to players of various skill levels. But above all else, we wanted to make a fun and well designed game, filled with interesting characters and great experiences.

High quality visual design, intriguing narrative and witty conversation... ...transform Halen: Ballad of the Blade Thief from a great game to a must play.
— Free Game Planet

welcome to teltona

A lone thief, betrayed by those she trusted most, Halen’s survival depends on taking a dangerous job retrieving an artifact from the far reaches of the galaxy. She must travel to the abandoned planet of Teltona, using a piece of ancient technology, and descend into the depths of a mystical temple. However, things go awry, and she finds herself fighting off an army of marooned robots, with the help of an unexpected ally. Together they must escape the temple in one piece.


Fight with the power of two

Armed with a powerful ancient sword, and a deadly plasma revolver, you must fight your way through gangs of mining robots, heavily armed gunners, heavily armored chargers and more!
Use Halen’s nimble abilities to explore the many hidden passages and caves within the temple, and discover secrets to unfold the story of the temple and it’s inhabitants.
Procure the highest score you can, by comboing attacks, using the robot’s abilities against themselves, and mixing up the fight in unique ways.

The People's Thoughts

First annual Free Game Planet Game of the Year Awards - Best Game Design Award 2017
— Free Game Planet
Considering the level of inventive game design, stylish visuals, character design and voice work, it’s hard to believe this is the Skypyre’s first game. Highly recommended.
— Free Game Planet
It shows a lot of promise, with stylish low poly visuals, fast paced run and gun gameplay and an interesting game world to explore.
— AlphaBetaGamer (Beta)
It will certainly be one to look out for.
— Future Beta Gamer (Alpha)




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